Our Packages

With our 3 packages we work on giving you the best offers. TWE is a paid vendor listing. Select your desired package to be a TWE vendor.

₹30,000 Year


  • Platinum vendors get direct leads from TWE
  • We partner with your brand to plan our clients wedding
  • An exclusive listing of your brand on our website main page(Grid)
  • Exclusive blogs and promotions of your brand to promote you digitally
  • Collaborations between TWE’s vendors for photoshoots
  • We take no commission from you after listing
₹15,000 Month


  • Gold vendors will get direct enquiries from TWE visitors
  • We recommend your brand to clients who require premium service
  • Participate in our giveaway contests to increase our brand presence to reach brides and grooms that can help them experience your products or service closely
  • Exclusive blogs and featured vendors of TWE
  • Collaborations for The Wedding Ensemble Shoots
₹5,000 Year


  • Silver Vendors are our budget friendly vendors
  • We recommend your brand to clients who look for budget friendly options
  • Regular social media posts of your brand to increase brand visibility to clients
  • Promoting your brand digitally to increase brand visibility and helping you establish and strengthen your brand presence